Apply to 2019 NEON School and/or Hot Topics Conference

With this form you can apply to the 2019 NEON Observing School and/or to Hot Topics Conference. The NEON Observing school will take place in 15 - 29 September 2019 at the Rozhen Observatory and in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Hot Topics conference will take place 22-29 September 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. To apply to these schools fill in the form below, and ask your supervisor/superior to send a recommendation letter directly to heidi.korhonen @ The recommendation letter is mandatory.

This school is mainly meant for PhD students in astronomy, but also MSc students in the later stages of their studies and young postdocs can be considered. OPTICON will pay the accommodation and food during the school. If you need travel support you can also apply that with the form below. Note that our schools usually have several times more applicants than places (the NEON school can accommodate 20 students and the Hot Topics Conference further 20 students), so please fill in all the fields carefully. In the selection we aim to have a balance in nationalities and gender. The deadline for applying to the 2019 NEON Observing School and/or Hot Topics Conference is Friday May 10 (23:59 CET), and the applicants will be notified about the selection in the end of May.

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Do you want to participate in both events the 2019 NEON Observing School and the Hot Topics Conference, or only in the Hot Topics conference.
For 2019 NEON applicants
If you are applying to both 2019 NEON Observing School and Hot Topics Conference, would you consider coming only for the Hot Topics Conference? We have only limited places for the observing school, but might still be able to accommodate you for the Hot Topics Conference.
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The name and e-mail address of person recommending you.
Have you applied before to an OPTICON School, and to which one. Were you successful?
The title of the PhD thesis (for MSc students the MSc thesis title)
OPTICON will pay your local costs during the school. If you also apply for travel support, give a budget and a short reason why you would need this support (note that only limited funds are available).
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By applying to this school you give us permission to keep the data you have provided in this form. The data will not be given to third parties, but can be used for anonymised statistics. You also give us permission to contact you with the e-mail address you have provided, and allow us to have your name and affiliation in the participant list on our website if you are accepted to the school. You can anytime withdraw these permissions by contacting Heidi Korhonen.